Friday, January 27, 2012

Reading Room: INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Rumpus on Rex" Conclusion

The Space Siren plans to mine the valuable newly-discovered mineral Taganium, found only on asteroid Rex.
However, she lacks transport for the bulky metal.
So, she steals several freighters from a starbase on Venus.
However, Captain Bruce Warren of the InterPlanetary Police has tracked her to Rex, found the stolen ships, and radioed for backup.
Enraged, Tanya attacks Warren's ship and a space dogfight ensues...
Why is it good guys in comics are so hot for bad girls? (Batman/Catwoman)
But good girls tend to be attracted to really dull good boys? (Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor)

This high-adventure story from Buster Brown Comic Book #30 (1953) was written by Hobart Donovan, penciled by Reed Crandall, and inked by Ray Willner.
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