Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reading Room: INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Meteor Menace" Part 1

Who would've thought that this never-reprinted, lost classic comic series appeared in...
...of all things, Buster Brown Comic Books?
Of course, it's actually Yankee Stadium II, but readers in 1952 didn't know that...
Be here tomorrow for the planet-shattering (literally) conclusion!
(One spoiler...the Space Siren doesn't destroy any more historic stadiums!
This short-lived series (only five stories) ran in Buster Brown Comic Book, a giveaway anthology comic published quarterly from 1945 to 1956 to promote Buster Brown Shoe Stores.
Strips ran anywhere from three to twenty four issues.
Since there were no letters pages, there's no way to tell how the popularity of the series was judged.
This tale in BBCB #28, written by Hobart Donovan and drawn by Ray Bailey, is the premiere, setting up the premise quickly and efficiently, adapting elements from various other series including Buck Rogers and Space Patrol, and getting to the action post-haste.

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