Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Reading Room: SANTA CLAUS FUNNIES "Santa in Wonderland" Conclusion

The night before Christmas Eve, Santa was disturbed when a little girl named Alice appeared at his door and pleaded for him to "bring Christmas to Wonderland".
The blonde girl lead Santa to the rabbit hole/entrance and showed him mushrooms that reduced both of them in size.
Once in Wonderland, Santa encountered inhabitants including the Mock Turtle and the White Rabbit, who shrank while using a white fan which Claus inadvertently also uses...
This story originally appeared in Santa Claus Funnies #2 (1943)
It was reprinted in a stand-alone giveaway comic in 1951 to capitalize on the release of the Disney animated film based on the Lewis Carroll story!
Oddly enough, the reprint's new cover art shows Alice rendered with the same hairstyle and blue dress as the movie version, rather than the hairstyle and violet dress shown in the comic story.

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