Friday, December 9, 2011

Problem with Images on Picasa...

I just discovered that my image host, Picasa, has changed it's policy and software implementation.
Images I deliberately scaled to 750 pixels high for reasonable readibility and small file size now automatically-default to only 512 pixels high!
To demonstrate, here's an example from what would've been today's post...
 The way it used to be.

The way it is now...
As a Google employee explains HERE...
If you manually edit our embed URLs to remove the size parameter, we now default to using a 512 pixel width image. We made this change to help us continue working to improve how we serve photos across Google, including on Blogger and other sites.
It would've been nice if they gave us a heads-up before doing this.
(And, it's the height, not the width that defaults to 512!
A 512-pixel width wouldn't be that bad for most of my post images, which are usually 510-550 pixels wide!)
As it stands, I've fixed the most recent posts on all the other RetroBlogs™, but it's going to be a little while (probably after the holidays) before I can go in and fix older entries!
This particular blog is being redesigned, but I'm not implementing the change until after New Year's Day, 2012, when things slow down enough for me to begin refitting older entries to look better in the new format.

I apologize if this impacts your enjoying the RetroBlogs™.

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