Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jerry Robinson 1922-2011

Another great from the Golden Age of Comics has passed.
Jerry Robinson, a versatile writer/artist who co-created the Joker, Two-Face and Alfred, as well as naming Robin, for the Batman series, passed away yesterday.
After beginning his career as an assistant to Bob Kane (during which he did the work listed above), he became an in-demand penciler-inker, first collaborating with, then becoming studio partners with, Mort Meskin.
Together, Robinson & Meskin created the characters AtoMan and Golden Lad for Spark Publications.
Much like the team of Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, they also collaborated on various already-existing strips, including The Green Hornet, The Vigilante, Fighting Yank, Johnny Quick, and The Black Terror, often switching penciling and inking duties to keep things interesting.
But his comic book work was just the tip of the iceberg for the amazingly-talented Robinson!
For much more about both the artist and the man, visit his official website HERE.

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