Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reading Room: GREEN PLANET "Empty Earth"

Yesterday, it was a "Little Earth", today it's.. this never-reprinted tale from the one-shot Green Planet, published by Charlton Comics in 1962.
The story's author and penciler are unknown, but the inking is obviously Vince Colletta (who might have penciled it).
Green Planet was a very odd comic...
1) The title story was actually an adaptation of a then-current sci-fi novel by J Hunter Holly, but, oddly, there's no mention of that fact anywhere in the comic!
2) There's no numbering on the comic (it's indicia lists it as a quarterly book) and no copyright notice listing either Charlton or novel author Holly!
But the main tale is pretty good, if a tad cliched, as you'll see when we re-present it next week!

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