Friday, November 4, 2011

Mars Attacks...AGAIN!

The series that inspired the wild Tim Burton movie is back...
Click on art to ENLARGE! Ack ack!
Originally developed as a series of trading cards, Mars Attacks was created by Len Brown and Woody Gelman, after Brown was inspired by the Wally Wood cover to Weird Science #16.
The cards went on to achieve cult status for their then-shocking imagery, fully painted by pulp legend Norm Saunders, and remains a staple of pop culture.
Topps revived the franchise in the mid 1990s with a sequel card set, several comic book series, a pair of hardcover novels, and a toy line.
The story was also adapted into the 1996 feature film, Mars Attacks!, directed by Tim Burton.

Debuting in summer 2012, IDW’s comic series will offer the first stories of an all-new Mars Attacks universe, bringing the brand’s outrageous action and dark humor to a new set of tales.

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