Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Dearth of Ditko!

The career of the co-creator of Spider-Man, Dr Strange, Captain Atom and The Question began here...
Click on art to enlarge and read
...with this sinister story, written by Bruce Hamilton, from Fantastic Fears #5 (1953) which was Steve Ditko's first assignment, but his second published work!
This week and next, RetroBlogs™ are featuring the early (pre-Marvel/DC) work of Steve Ditko!
Western Comics Adventures™ offers one of his Black Fury stories (He did several)
Tomorrow, True Love Comics Tales™ has his second assignment (but first story published), one of the few romance comic jobs he did!
On Friday, War, Past, Present & Future™ has a rarely-seen Civil War story!
Next Tuesday, Crime & Punishment™ will relate Ditko's contribution to Radio Patrol!
Next Thursday, a startling reworking of the Cinderella story will appear in Seduction of the Innocent™.
And, sometime next week, we'll present a superhero surprise at Hero & Heroine Histories™!
Don't miss a single Ditko!

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