Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reading Room: EERIE Dracula Conclusion

Dracula has made Lucy Seward a vampire.
Dr Van Helsing arrives, too late to save the poor girl, but not too late to send her tormented soul to the afterlife by staking her thru the heart.
Now, his attention turns to her master...Count Dracula!
Though there were a number of Frankenstein tales in the Golden Age, including Dick Briefer's long-running series, there were only a couple of appearances by our favorite vampire (usually a cameo) before this story in 1953!
The trend continued until the late 1960s when Dracula became a supporting character in the b/w Vampirella magazine.
In 1972, when the Comics Code was revised to allow vampires, the Count reappeared not only in short stories, but a long-running series from Marvel highlighted by moody art by Gene Colan.

And, don't forget our brother blog Hero & Heroine Histories™, where we're currently running the Classics Illustrated version of Frankenstein!

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