Wednesday, September 14, 2011

YouTube Wednesday: Batman

Last Wednesday, we looked at Superman, so this week let's peek at Batman...
First, the 1943 serial (which predated the live-action Superman serials)...

Note: this is the trailer from the 1965 re-release which identifies the first serial, Batman, by the title of the second serial, Batman and Robin!
Then, the trailer for the 1966 Batman movie produced between the first and second seasons of the tv show!

And, if you're wondering why they did it that way, intead of doing the movie first, then the tv series...
1) Many American households still didn't have color tvs in 1966, so they saw the show in b/w, even though it was broadcast in color!
The movie was the first time many fans saw the live-action heroes in color!
2) The bigger budget enabled the producers to build and film a number of additional vehicles and props including the BatCopter, BatBoat, and BatCycle, and a larger Batcave set, which were then reused for the remainder of the tv series' run!
In 1989 Tim Burton brought a kool gothic feel to Batman..

...which Joel Schumacher destroyed in Batman & Robin!

and Christopher Nolan restored in the reboot, Batman Begins...

..and continued in Dark Knight!

Bonus: though it's not live-action, here's "The Dark Knight Returns" from the 1990s animated series...

...because Michael Ironside as a middle-aged Batman is just too good to miss!

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