Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reading Room: "Supreme Penalty" 1.0 & 2.0

...and we're doing so again!
This version appeared in Black Cat Mystery #47 (1953) during the height of the horror comics boom.
It was re-presented in Race for the Moon #1 (1959) after the Comics Code went into effect.
Let's see how things have changed...
Almost every panel has a change from the original, either in art or balloons!
Panel 4 has an interesting change in dialogue indicating the condemned survive in space...
Only change is dialogue in the first panel, which indicates the exiled criminals are still alive, but in orbit.
The figure of Judge Krenk being murdered in Panel 6, and his corpse in Panel 7 have been removed!
Panel One: Judge Krenk is said to be wounded, not dead!
Panel Six: Frances' face redrawn to look less maniacal and his sentence altered to confine him to his lab!
Interesting to note the alterations inflicted by the Comics Code!
Art (and probably story) by Bob Powell.

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