Monday, August 15, 2011

Reading Room: VIC TORRY & HIS FLYING SAUCER "Catastrophe!"

Ace test pilot Victor Torry and his aviation-enthusiast girlfriend Laura are bequeathed a flying saucer by a dying alien.
Operating on automatic pilot, the spacecraft returns to it's home on Mercury, where they discover a civil war under way against the tyrant Szzz, who has plans to conquer the entire solar system!
Vic and Laura manage to commandeer another ship, override the controls and leave.
But now, they are returning to Mercury...
Art by Golden Age great Bob Powell.

The tale has been reprinted twice, in Vic Torry & His Flying Saucer (2000) and
Mr Monster's Hi-Voltage Super-Science (1987)
Vic himself appears in a cameo in the SkyWolf back-up story "Bachelor Party" in AirBoy #36 (1986)

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