Thursday, July 7, 2011

TorchWood Returns...

The survivors of TorchWood gain new allies as they face a new...threat?
On Miracle Day, a day unlike any one dies!
The next one dies!
The day after one dies!
Death has been defeated!
But, is that good...or bad?
The two remaining members of the weird phenemomena-investigating TorchWood Institute must find out, especially since one of them, Captain Jack Harkness, who previously was immortal, learns he's literally the only person on Earth who can die!
Catch the excitement starting this Friday on Starz!
Even if you've never seen the show on BBC America or the dvd/blu-ray releases, the first episode of Miracle Day gives you enough background "on the fly" to follow with no problem, so don't be afraid to dive in! (Hey, it never stopped you from enjoying Star Wars or Star Trek, did it?)

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