Saturday, July 16, 2011

Classic 1940s Captain America Movie Poster!

Available NOW is a digitally-remastered, magnificent reproduction of the poster announcing the Star Spangled Avenger's FIRST cinematic appearance in the most expensive Republic super-hero serial ever!
He doesn't have a shield.
Or a kid sidekick named Bucky!
In fact he wasn't even scrawny recruit Steve Rogers!
He was "two-fisted District Attorney Grant Gardner"!
(The actor, Dick Purcell, died from the strain of performing the role! No lie!)
There was no Red Skull!
(But the created-for-the-serial villain, The Scarab, was played by classic b-movie baddie Lionel Atwill at his snarling, sneering, smarmy best!)
The heroine, Gail Richards, was played by one of b-movies hottest ladies, Lorna Gray (who usually played villainesses)!
For more info about the 1944 serial, we presented a classic behind-the-scenes article about it HERE!
Makes a great gift for the Captain America fan in your life (or yourself, as long as you're not The Red Skull)!

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