Wednesday, June 22, 2011

YouTube Wednesday: Go APE!

The Apes return with a vengeance...

After a failed attempt in 2001 by Tim Burton to revive the franchise, a new take on the premise is due this summer.

Before that, the last attempt was a one-season animated tv series that hewed closer to the concepts of the original novel than any other version.

The live action tv series that preceded it was limited in being able to show adult themes or violent action by being a "family hour" show.
Yeah, it was dull!
So here's a clip from the Japanese tv movie Time of the Apes, also done in 1973, which was a helluva lot more fun! Condensed from the 26-episode tv series Saru no Gundan (Army of the Apes) which lasted longer then the actual Apes series (which was canceled after only 14 episodes).

We'll end this entry with the promo reel for the first (1968) Planet of the Apes, featuring great concept art and a primitive makeup test starring Edward G Robinson as Dr Zaius, James Brolin as Cornelius and Linda Harrison (Nova in Planet and Beneath) as Zira!

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