Wednesday, May 25, 2011

YouTube Wednesday: the FIRST Cowboys and Aliens...

Long before Cowboys and Aliens (but after Space Western Comics), aliens invaded the Old West on Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel.
The series started off with almost all the episodes taking place in the past and the heroes ending up in situations like the sinking of the Titanic or the siege of the Alamo, trying to warn people about what would happen and being treated like lunatics until the disaster happened, at which point they'd be transported to another era.

All that changed with this mid-season episode, "Visitors from Beyond the Stars".

Our heroes, Tony (young, impetuous, green turtleneck) and Doug (older, cautious, suit n' tie) are transported to Arizona in the year 1885.
Or rather, they're transported over Arizona, to an alien spacecraft, facing silver aliens (a standard Irwin Allen look for extraterrestrials)!
The aliens have come seeking protein for their starving world, and they've found it...the fauna (including humans) of Earth!
With Earth of 1885 technologically-unprepared to fight off an alien invasion, the two scientists from the future must somehow stop the invaders from the stars from decimating the home of Mankind!
To complicate matters, more of the aliens have appeared in the Time Tunnel itself, preventing the present-day support team from sending help to the timelost scientists!


After this episode, anything could (and did) appear on the show, from ghosts, to Merlin the Magician, to lots more aliens!
Despite the infusion of additional fantasy elements, the series was canceled at the end of the year.

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