Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're Off FaceBook

Well, tried to make a go of it on FaceBook.
Couldn't do a damn thing.

One of the least intuitive interfaces I've ever worked with.
There's no logical "flow" from one function to another, so creating pages doesn't make any sort of sense.
The so-called "Help" was all but worthless, indicating I should use items that apparently were deleted when recent revisions were implemented, so they no longer exist.

Simply trying to add to/edit/modify the existing mess wasn't worth the hassle, so, at this point, I've deleted the account totally, and after a 14 day period before the final delete takes effect, will reinitialize a totally-new set-up and hope that a new build from the ground-up will work.

It's almost as frustrating as trying to delete our very first FaceBook page which we can no longer access, so it's still sitting there, hoplessly-outdated, but unreachable, and undeleteable.

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