Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reading Room: TARA: QUEEN OF THE SPACE PIRATES in "Eight Hands of Tenslith"

We continue the space-spanning saga of Tara, Queen of the Space Pirates with this tale from Wonder Comics #17.
There was no origin story, but the splash pages usually gave a brief set-up for new readers.
Art was, again, by Gene Fawcette, one of the better illustrators of the period, who usually penciled and inked his sci-fi, horror, and good-girl material (or strips that combined them like Tara) for Fiction House, Avon, and Better.
BTW, the cover for this issue features characters from the premiere Tara story that appeared in Wonder Comics #15.  You can see the cover, along with Tara's first appearance HERE.

And check out the

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