Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fantastic Femmes--Jamie Chung

For someone who made her debut on MTV's Real World, Jamie Chung has proven that even that pit of vapidness can produce talented alumni!
Though she's done primarily action/genre roles (like I'm complaining?), Jamie's also performed in more mainstream flicks like Burning Palms and the current Grown Ups.
(The only thing I'm complaing about is why Samurai Girl isn't available on DVD/Blu-Ray!)
She opens in Sucker Punch! this week, along with fellow Fantastic Femme Vanessa Hudgens!

Genre appearances include...
Once Upon a Time (Mulan)
7500 (Suzy Lee)
Man with the Iron Fists (Lady Silk)
Knife Fight (Kerstin)
Eden (Eden)
Premium Rush (Nima)
Sucker Punch! (Amber)
Princess Protection Program (Chelsea Barnes)
Samurai Girl (Heaven Kogo)
Sorority Row[2009](Clarie)

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