Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YouTube Wednesday: THE GREEN HORNET "Fury of the Dragon"

As we mentioned in our YouTube Wednesday entry here, there were two Green Hornet tv episode compilation films produced after Bruce Lee's death.
This is the second one, which received very limited distribution in the US, but was very popular overseas.
As you can see from the ad art, the producers actually played down the connection to the Hornet tv series, playing up Lee with an illo based on stills from his other films!
Using the episodes "Trouble for Prince Charming",  "Bad Bet on a 459-Silent", "The Ray is for Killing", and "Secret of the Sally Bell" as the basis of the film, the editors also added unrelated fight footage from other episodes to pad the running time (as was done in the first film).
It's an interesting, and sad, note to the Green Hornet's career, at a point where he doesn't even appear on the poster for a film version of his own show!

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