Monday, December 27, 2010

Rare Exports & Santa's Slay--Post-Christmas FUN!

After Christmas, our entertainment tastes run to a hefty dose of mayhem to wash the sugary taste of all those other Yuletide movies and tv shows.
Besides both versions (1974 and 2006) of Black Christmas,which are fun, but basically just mad-slasher pix with an Xmas setting, we at Atomic Kommie Comics™were in the mood for something a bit more...supernatural.
Why should Scrooge have all the holiday fun with specters and supernatural beings?
So, we've cuddled by the fireplace and watched Santa's Slay and Rare Exports!
Santa's Slay postulates that Santa is actually the Son of Satan, who lost a bet with an angel and was forced to be NICE to children on Christmas for a millennium.
But the bet's 1,000 year time-frame has just expired, and Santa's eager to make up for lost time!
WWE wrestler Goldberg is absolutely hysterical as Satan's Son. Robert Culp, in one of his final roles, is entertaining as the crabby angel who tricked Santa and is awaiting his return.
The rest of the cast get into the insane spirit of the project, and the cgi FX, though low-budget are surprisingly-effective!
It's snarky!
It's silly!
It's now on our annual must-see Christmas film list, along with the 1971 animated Christmas Carol, Nightmare before Christmas, and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

The other flick, Rare Exports, is not out on DVD, yet. It's playing at arthouses throughout the US.
In this one, a huge demonic figure who looks a lot like a cross between Santa Claus and Krampus has been buried for centuries in Scandinavian tundra. Americans come along, inadvertently unearth him, and mayhem ensues.
While played straighter than Santa's Slay, it's just as much fun, and even more gruesome!
Catch it in theatres now, then go for a healthy dose of post-theatre glogg!

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