Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vampires! Vampires! Vampires!

Due to popular demand, we're expanding our Horror Comics of the 1950s™ department to include entire new sections devoted to specific types of monsters!
Their very name causes shudders and tremors!
Before the 2000s , that trembling was from fear, with the primary example being Dracula, portrayed by everyone from Bela Lugosi to Christopher Lee to Louis Jourdan to Gary Oldman.
But, today, that trembling is more often from pleasure, as studly and sexy bloodsuckers reign on movies and TV in True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and the Twilight series!
For those who prefer sanguinarians who don't sparkle in the sunlight,  or Team Jacob fans who want to rib their Team Edward counterparts with gag gifts, we've resurrected the classic image of the fanged fiends on a line of collectibles including mugs, magnets, t-shirts, iPad/Kindle/messenger bags and other undead tchochkies!
If you're looking for a birthday or holiday present for a fan of the life-impaired (or a treat for yourself), why not combine one of our kool kollectibles with one of the books or DVDs below for the ultimate ghoulish gift set?
(And, yes, a WEREWOLVES collection is coming shortly!)

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