Saturday, November 6, 2010

SkyLine: Quatermass for Dummies

I've been seeing trailers for a new cgi-laden alien invasion film called SkyLine.
It's about aliens hypnotizing humans, then transporting them up to their ships where they ingest the hapless people.
Too bad it's already been done...31 years ago, to be exact!
The final film in the legendary British sci-fi series about an alien-fighting scientist named Quatermass covered the same themes, on a much lower budget.
The first three entries were tv mini-series performed live, and then remade as feature films with different casts.
The final entry in the quadrilogy, entitled Quatermass, was a tv mini-series which was then condensed to feature-film length entitled The Quatermass Conclusion for it's American release, not remade.
It involves aliens who hypnotize humans then, using light beams, teleport the people to locations where the aliens ingest them.
But then, Americans have been using ideas from this little-known (on this side of the Atlantic) series!
The X-Files tv series and first film, Fight the Future, "borrowed" concepts and plots from all four entries as detailed HERE.
So, enjoy the film. The FX does look spectactular! These guys did an amazing job on a VERY low budget!
But remember, the story has already been told!

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