Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let the cry ring out..."Have no fear! The Fans of Bronze are HERE!"

He helped those who needed help.
And now one of his illustrators needs help...
Terry Allan has been helping out Doc Savage/Marvel Comics/sci-fi & fantasy cover artist Bob Larkin the past couple of years doing exclusive projects trying to help Bob raise much needed cash.
Bob’s wife Fran is suffering from brain cancer and the resulting surgeries has left her less than 100%. As a result, Bob is now her full time caregiver and has had to cut back his workload to care for her.
Terry's been pulling together professionals from all over to sign books with all profits going to help the Larkin’s cover the long term costs of medications and co-pays that insurance doesn’t cover.
Among the items available...
LOST SAVAGE: Larkin's Bantam Doubles/Ominibus covers presented the way they should have been!
14 11x17" prints composited from the original art with the classic Bantam paperback cover design / trade dress! Comes in an embossed portfolio. 
The first commercial release of the series, remixed, remasted and restored to full stereo.
(Far superior to the internet downloads!)
PLUS: A new documentary with behind-the-scenes interviews!
AND: A limited-edition 12 x 13 litho of the cover art only thru Fantom Press!
There's lots more, including original art, lithos (like the one at top), and signed Doc Savage books and comics by Larkin and other big-name pros.
All profits go to help Bob Larkin.
Here's your chance to both help one of the greats of the sci-fi/fantasy genre AND acquire some kool kollectibles for yourself, or as Christmas presents for the SavageFan in your life!

Please repost these links where ever you can. The more who know, the better.

Let the cry ring out..."Have no fear! The Fans of Bronze are HERE!"
And they're here to help!

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