Friday, November 12, 2010

Early Black Friday Sale: 2011 12-Month Calendars!

A one-day offer! Beginning 12:01am, Nov. 12 and ending at 12:01am, Nov. 13th...
normally $19.95, reduced to ONLY $14.99!
Save $5 on EACH!
Created using the wildest, rarest, kitchiest comic book, pulp magazine covers and movie posters we could find, each image digitally-restored and remastered from hi-rez scans of the original items, NO reprints or low-rez files! (Would we do that to you?)
Here are the  
Atomic Kommie Comics™ 2011 12-Month Calendars 
by genre 
(Note: Most are revised versions of previous calendars.
TOTALLY NEW ones are indicated as such)

Mystery / Crime
(NEW) Sherlock Holmes: the Greatest Sleuth of All!™ 
(shown above)
Basil Rathbone IS Sherlock Holmes!™
Mr District Attorney™

Horror Comics of the 1950s™
(NEW) Vampires of Pulps and Comics
(NEW) WereWolves of the Comics and Pulps
(NEW) Zombies of the Pulps and Comics 
(shown above)

Camp / Kitsch
(NEW) 3-D Movies
(shown above)
(NEW) 3-D Comic Books
Seduction of the Innocent!!™
Jungle Girls™
Good Girl / Bad Grrrl™

True Love Comics Tales™ 
(shown above) 

Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Martians, Martians, Martians!™
(NEW) Art of Barsoom™ 
Thrilling Science-Fiction Tales™
(NEW) Dinosaurs of the Comics and Pulps 
(shown above)

Captains of the Comics™ 
Classic Green Hornet
Classic Phantom Lady

Lost Heroes of the Silver Age of Comics™
Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™
Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics Team-Ups™

(shown above)
1st Appearance Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™
Flag-Waving Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™
Classic Amazing-Man
Classic Black Terror
Classic Blue Beetle
Classic Captain Future
Classic Cat-Man
Classic Dare Devil
Classic Doc Strange
Classic Fighting Yank
Classic Flame
Classic Green Lama
Classic Monster of Frankenstein
Classic Owl
Classic Samson

Western Comics Adventures™
Real-Life Western Comics™

(shown above)
The Cisco Kid and Pancho™
Masked Western Heroes™

Captain MidNight™
(shown above)
Aviators of the Golden Age of Comics™
NOT available in stores, only on-line! Order now...before time runs out! ;-)
Design of the Week will appear on Saturday.

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