Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MORE Creepy Calendars Coming!

We already have over three dozen kool 12-month calendars for 2011 covering almost everything from Sherlock Holmes to romance comics to sci-fi / fantasy to wartime aviation to the Old West to The Green Hornet, and back.
 But, are we done? Are we content to sit back and relax?
Not by a long shot, fellow pop culture aficionado!
We're busy finishing up five NEW calendars, requested by...YOU!
Buyers of our Horror Comics of the 1950s™ and Thrilling Science Fiction Tales™ calendars suggested...hinted...cajoled...even begged for subject-specific calendars for themselves and loved ones with serious interest (or even mild obsession) for...
All featuring cover art photographed directly from rare 1920s-1960s pulp magazines and comic books, digitally-restored and remastered!
NO second-generation pix from reference books or reprints!
NO low-rez files from the Net, rezzed up and pixelated beyond belief!
 What you see here are the covers for the calendars.
We're finishing work on the interior art and will post samples next week as we finish each one.
Check back next week!

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