Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fantastic Femmes--Regina Hall

Considering she didn't begin acting until the age of 26, it's interesting to note that Regina Hall's best-known role (up to now) is teenager Brenda Meeks in the film-spoof Scary Movie series!
She's done a little of everything from situation comedy to soap opera, to slice-of-life drama, and made it all look easy.
Regina's even taken on an iconic character as Trixie Norton, Ed Norton's long-suffering wife, in a movie remake of The Honeymooners, and her performace was one of the few good things in the flick!
Now, she's a dramatic DA in the newest Law & Order series debuting this week!
Talk about versatile!
Genre appearances include...
Law & Order: Los Angeles (Deputy DA Evelyn Price)
Scary Movie/Scary Movie 2/Scary Movie 3/Scary Movie 4 / Scary Movie 5 (Brenda Meeks)
SuperHero Movie(Mrs Xavier)
Law-Abiding Citizen(Kelly Rice)

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