Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Golden Age Green Hornet Reprints

From the promo material...
"A new series of Golden Age reprints featuring the classic adventures of the original Green Hornet!
Each issue in this new series of classic Hornet material is 40 big pages!
Dynamite has commissioned Joe Rubenstein to create brand-new covers, inspired by the golden Age comics of yesteryear!"
Compare the new cover above with it's 1940 "inspiration" below. 
Personally, I'm less than enthralled with the new art.
As much as I LOVE Joe Rubinstein's absolutely-amazing inking, I've never been a fan of his pencilling.
If I was the art director, I'd have him...
1) eliminate the "earmuffs".
2) fix the perspective on the fedora.
3) re-detail the gun to match the modified Mauser on the original.
4) add the scarf.
5) modify the Hornet insignia on the mask to curve it around the head.
I'd also eliminate the upper-corner box art (which has the wrong time-period Hornet in it, and enlarge the logo closer to the dimensions of the original.
But then, I'd have used the original cover, since it's so darn kool we made it the centerpiece of our Classic Green Hornet collectibles line!
I do suggest you pick up the title, since it's the only print version of the Golden Age material currently available at a reasonable price.
But it will be available, along with the other issues of the run, in a combined book edition you can pre-order here in time for Christmas (and then put under the tree with one or more of our Classic Green Hornet collectibles in a perfect holiday gift set for the Green Hornet fan in your life!

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