Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drink Kooba Cola!

Wait a second...You CAN'T!
It doesn't exist!
(You can read the sordid tale of the soda that almost took the world by storm here!)
Now, you can't DRINK it, but you can WEAR it!
We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ decided to re-present the Soda That Would Not Die on collectibles ranging from Beachwear or DormWear to mugs, iPad / netbook / messenger bags (and the irony of doing bags with "Kooba" on them hasn't escaped us!) and hoodies at KoobaCola 1 and KoobaCola 2!
And for you back-to-school shoppers, the shirts make great dormwear or nightshirts (if you're still living at home)!
So celebrate what could have been one of the bubbliest success stories of soft drink entepreneurship, but instead just fizzled out and fell flat!
(You just knew we were gonna do a pun like that, didn't you?)  ;-)

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  1. actually I am happy to read this whistle blowing expose. I have hunting for empty kooba empties on ebay without success. now I can retire that collection, with a good horse laff on me.


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