Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Kill Bond...NOW!"

 "It took almost fifty years, but we will have the last laugh, Mr. Bond!"

A feature article in the Financial Times makes dire predictions about the fates of the film versions of James Bond 007 and The Hobbit(among others)...
"Its most prized property – James Bond – has been left to stagnate, a casualty of the uncertainty about MGM’s future.
Sam Mendes signed on to direct the next film in the series, which reignited spectacularly with Daniel Craig as the new Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace – films that generated a combined $1.2 billion (emphasis mine) at the box office.
But the series is in limbo, postponed indefinitely by the Broccoli family of producers, which shares the rights with MGM, because of the uncertainty surrounding the studio".

It's a pity, because interest in the character is higher than it's been in years, thanks to the Ian Fleming Centennial celebration, with books literally flooding the stores!
Among them, a reissue set of the original Fleming novels both in hardcover and paperback with an incredibly-kool cover design motif based on the 1967 Casino Royale movie poster concept...
Sadly, they're only available in England, or (as in my case), thru the NY branch of a British SF/comic chain...
"Hee-hee-hee" he chortled ominously as he stroked the cat on his lap.

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