Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Return of the "Relevant" Hero

Starting with Superman #700, noted writer J Michael Straczynski is sending The Man of Steel on a walking tour across America.
The reason given is that Superman has lost touch with the average American and that he'll be able to "re-connect" with the people if he "walks among them".
A similar concept was done (by DC) in 1970, when conservative Green Lantern and liberal Green Arrow tried to "reconnect" with the "common man" in Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76-89.
(Interestingly, the comic book was canceled before the plotline ended.)
I'm wondering if the Superman series will be a "feel-good" story that glosses over the imperfections of the country, or, will it deal with social and environmental issues like the GL/GA series did. (NOTE: to be fair,  GL/GA sometimes did so in a very heavy-handed way. But, give them credit, they tried!)

We'll be watching to see how this develops...

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