Monday, June 7, 2010

OSS 117 is back!

During the 1960s, one of the hottest competitors to the James Bond series was the OSS 117 series of flix.
OSS 117!
"Never heard of him!"
Predating 007 in books (1949) and movies (1956), secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath was as popular in Europe and Asia as James Bond, but didn't make an impact in the USA.
Until 2008, when the film series, which ended in 1971, was revived and reformatted as a campy spoof featuring a overly-confident, but surprisingly-competent hero.
The first flick, Cairo: Nest of Spies, turned into an arthouse and dvd rental hit in the US!
The newest film, Lost in Rio is already out on dvd, but you should catch it in the theatre while you can.
And when you do, go "secret chic" and wear this shirt, with it's retro graphics taken from the poster for 1968's No Roses for OSS 117 starring John Gavin (who was almost James Bond in Diamonds are Forever)!

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