Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Only REAL Americans in Arizona! T-Shirt

Well, if you take the argument to it's logical extreme, Native Americans / Amerinds were here first...EVERYBODY else was an "illegal alien"!

If you're interested in making a political / socio-economic statement with this shirt, click HERE!
(It's American Apparel! Non-sweatshop-produced!)

For the record, I'm not for any sort of amnesty for undocumented aliens.
I believe they should be registered and go thru the same legal procedures and schooling / testing as any other immigrant wanting to become a US citizen.
No shortcuts, no special privileges.
My grandparents did it by the book (including learning English, though none of them were native English speakers), and I believe anyone else who wants "in" has to do the same!

Tomorrow, back to less controversial stuff...

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