Monday, May 10, 2010

Messenger / iPad / Kindle / eBook / LapTop Bags REDUCED to $24.99!

Just in time for use as graduation (or birthday) gifts, we've lowered the price of our multi-purpose bags from $29.99 to ONLY $24.99!
Of course, they come with our assortment of retro-kool vintage designs, many exclusive to our online store!

We've even set up two different ways you can go directly to our kool kollection...
1) a special shop page leading you directly to the bags, separated by genre (mystery, horror, western, romance, sci-fi, etc.) Yes, we cover EVERYTHING!
2) you can just look thru the entire assortment (over 500 designs) at once!

(Of course, if you just want to take your time and browse thru the whole store...come in. hang out, look around! You're always welcome!)

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