Friday, May 14, 2010

Design of the Week--Silver Age Captain Marvel Redux

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another!
(Except, that we're keeping him another week, due to popular demand!)
This week, a Lichtenstein-style pop-art rendering of the 1960s version of Captain Marvel!
No, not the Golden Age hero who said "SHAZAM!" or the several Marvel comics characters who've used the name, but an alien android who yelled "SPLIT!" and then broke into several pieces which flew around operating independently! (I'm not kidding!)
The vintage art also features the Ben-Day dot pattern for the skin tone that Roy Lichtenstein popularized in his "pop art" paintings of the period.
It's retro-style fun on a host of kool kollectibles, but only for a week, so grab them while you can!
Next Friday, it'll be history, just like the 1960s!

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