Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet--Who Will DIE?

According to reports, someone dies in Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #3!
Is it Green Hornet (Junior)?
Is it Kato (Junior)?
IS it Green Hornet (Senior)?
IS it Kato (Senior)?
Judging from the Alex Ross cover to #4 (above) both the Juniors survive!
SO, will Britt Reid or Kato join the Choir Eternal?
NOTE: In the NOW Comics version (which also had a female Kato), Britt Reid died...
For KSGH #3, I'm betting on Kato (Senior)
BONUS: Penciler Michael Netzer discloses details about the four covers on his blog!
(Now there's a name I haven't seen in a long time! Welcome back, Mike! You've still got the touch!)

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