Thursday, April 1, 2010

The "Green Hornet Chronicles" is coming!

The first Green Hornet prose book since The Green Hornet in The Infernal Light and Green Hornet: Case of the Disappearing Doctor in 1966 is finally going to the printers!
The Green Hornet Chronicles is an anthology of new stories set in the continuity of the 1966-67 tv series and includes...
Introduction by TV’s Green Hornet, Van Williams!
A story "fragment" by Harlan Ellison, as he teams the Green Hornet up with The Phantom!
Stories by two writers known for their work on the NOW Comics Green Hornet- Ron Fortier and James Van Hise!
Afterword by the man who designed and built the tv Black Beauty, Dean Jeffries!
There are several editions, including hard and softcovers with different covers.
My favorite is the one shown above by noted pulp-style artist Glen Orbik.
A Limited Edition hardcover includes bonus material: Harlan Ellison’s “liner notes” on his Green Hornet-Phantom team up story, and also the only-played-once origin of The Green Hornet radio episode is turned into a thrilling prose story by Anthony Tollin!
It's due out in early June.  Place a pre-order now...

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