Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it...

He was not the original leader on Mission: Impossible!
With Martin Landau and Barbara Bain in 1966.

But once Peter Graves took over as Jim Phelps, no one even remembered the original (Steven Hill as Dan Briggs)
With Greg Morris, Leonard Nimoy (replaced Martin Landau), and Peter Lupus in 1970.

After Mission's seven-year run ended, Graves did extensive voice-over work including A&E's Biography (and parodying it in Men in Black II) and moved into comedy in Airplane and Airplane II.
He also appeared in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, as Major Noah Cooper, in "Return of the Fighting 69th", replacing Buster Crabbe who was unable to reprise his role as Brigadier Gordon.
Personally, I remember him in numerous 1950s genre films like It Conquered the World, Begining of the End, Red Planet Mars, and the over-the-top, but fun, Killers from Space!

Peter Graves (Peter Aurness)
March 18, 1926 – March 14, 2010
Younger brother (by three years) of actor James Arness (James Aurness)

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