Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome to our second blog...Femmes Fantastique!

One of our blog's most popular features has been the ongoing Fantastic Femmes series featuring beautiful women of science fiction and fantasy movies and tv.
It's been so popular that we've decided to do a spin-off blog...Femmes Fantastique!
We'll be posting at Femmes Fantastique at least twice weekly, both with follow-ups to previous entries from this site (like our premiere FF entry, Jessica Alba) with updated credits and links, and new entries we'll cross-post on both blogs, like tomorrow's entry on Liza Lapira.
So bookmark the Femmes Fantastique rss feed, or come visit every week.
There'll aways be something new!

Above is the header pic for the blog, featuring the women of all three Austin Powers films!

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