Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oceanic Airlines In-Flight Magazine for Kids from 1954!

An old friend of mine wanted to enter a contest for LOST-related designs at a PoD we both use and asked me for a copy of my digital file for Mystery Tales #40 plus a couple of fonts from my extensive collection, saying she was going to do "the ultimate in-joke".

The Oceanic Airlines In-Flight Magazine for Kids is the result!
Using the cover of the comic young John Locke didn't choose in the ep "Cabin Fever", she created a new, retro-style logo, dated it as September, 1954, exactly 50 years before the Flight 815 crash (in September, 2004), and replaced the existing captions with new, LOST storyline-based text!

I pointed out a couple of anachronisms / inaccuracies...
1) The actual comic was from 1956, two years later!
2) According to several websites, Oceanic Airlines didn't start operating until the mid-1970s (though I'm not sure if that's "canon" or not.)
She responded...
1) The Oceanic Airlines Mag usage was the art's "first use".
It was "reused" as the cover of Mystery Tales #40 (which may also explain why the art doesn't really match the comics story it's supposed to represent)!
2) Oceanic Airlines had actually been founded shortly after World War II, gone bankrupt in the early 1970s, then another company bought the assets and re-established the airline in the mid-70s!
Since there's nothing to contradict those ideas, I had to concede them as viable plot points...

Anyway, the end result is KOOL, so take a look, and maybe buy an item! (She's disabled and can use the cash.)

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