Thursday, February 18, 2010

Green Hornet Classic Cover Gallery

Some of my favorite Golden Age Green Hornet covers from my collection...
The final issue of his Golden Age run, a one-shot from Dell Comics!
Issue #33, featuring his primary 1940s weapon, the Gas Gun!
Issue #31, with both the Hornet and Kato dashing to the rescue!
Issue #13, in Berlin against the Nazis!
Issue #43, "typical" 1940s teens and 'tweens talk about the Hornet! Gosh!
Issue #29, a powerful symbolic cover (and the first Golden Age comic I owned)!
And, finally, the first issue of The Green Hornet Comics from Holyoke (who published issues 1-6)
Note he's wearing the same outfit in the first and final issues and a modified version on the issues in-between! And they're the only painted covers of the entire run!

BTW, did we mention that ALL these covers (and five more) are available on our Classic Green Hornet 2010 12-Month Calendar? ;-)

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