Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The NEW Green Hornet series by Kevin Smith

Here's a look at art from the NEW Green Hornet mini-series from Dynamite Comics.

You'll note that Kato is a woman, like the NOW Comics multi-generational series of the 80s.
This is not to say that it is the same character with same backstory.
No doubt, it is a totally different character.
The new mini is based on the unproduced screenplay for the proposed Kevin Smith written-directed film from several years ago.
Interesting note: the promos for the project emphasize that the story and art for the are completed.
This is due to Smith's tendency to take on comics projects and then delay them interminably, if not complete them at all. (To his credit, Smith has gotten better at meeting deadlines.)
The interor art is by Johnathan Lau who's already done some impressive work for other Dynamite titles.
And, Dynamite is pushing hard on this high-profile title, making a variant of issue #1 their contribution to Free Comic Book Day 2010 !
I'm looking forward to it...I hope you are, too!

And, in case you've forgotten, we offer some kool kollectibles featuring the tv version of the heroes, with more goodies with imagery from the Golden Age comics and 1940s movie serials to come, just in time for the new comics and feature film!

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