Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Christina Milian

Christina Flores is a beautiful award-winning multi-talented singer, actress, dancer, songwriter, album producer, and model / spokesperson.
Never heard of her?
Yes, you have...under her stage name "Christina Milian"!
Currently appearing in the new film Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, it's hard to figure when she has the time to do all she does and also eat, sleep, and, occasionally, relax!
And, almost half her acting credits are genre projects!
Genre appearances include...
Ghosts of GirlFriends Past (Keelia)
Need for Speed: Undercover [VG] Carmen Mendez)
Def Jam Vendetta [VG] (Angela)
Smallville "Action" (Rachel Davenport "Warrior Angel")
Torque (Nina)
Be Cool (Linda Moon)
Pulse (Isabelle "Izzie" Fuentes)
SnowGlobe (Angela)
Charmed "Wendigo" (Teri Lane)
Check out...
Christina's Blog
Christina's MySpace Page

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Courageous Captain!

A plethora of patriotic super-heroes POW! THWOCK! and BIFF!ed their way into the pages of Golden Age comic books, usually clad in red, white, and blue garb.
A number of them were either assisted by an embodiment of an element of "American Spirit" (like Fighting Yank) or were themselves the actual embodiment of a "Spirit of Freedom", like Uncle Sam!
Captain Courageous was one of the latter.
He had no secret identity, and tended to appear when brave Americans were in perilous situations requiring almost divine intervention, disappearing after the threat was disposed of.
His powers were never clearly defined, and seemed almost limitless, including flight, super-strength and limited invulnerabilty, although he could be captured or knocked-out as the plot required.
(In addition, his costume went thru a number of variations in design and color, which could be attributed to different people perceiving him differently, but was more likely just mistakes by the variety of artists who drew and colored him!)

The Captain debuted in Banner Comics #3 and took over the title as of #6.
(There was no #7, so maybe renaming the book for him wasn't the best possible move.)
Instead he moved into the anthology Four Favorites from #5 on to #29, when the comic dropped superheroes in favor of humor features.

As you might have guessed, Alex Ross has included him in the assortment of characters revived in the new Project SuperPowers universe, this time as part of the "Super-MysteryMen" team made up of other characters from his original publisher, Ace Comics!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have revived Captain Courageous, as part of our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line, with two covers (including the single issue of his own title) on t-shirts, messenger bags, mugs and other kool kollectibles!

Remember, Captain America ain't the only star-spangled captain in comics!

And don't forget to buy the NEWEST Project SuperPowers comics including...
Black Terror, Death Defying 'Devil, Masquerade, and Project SuperPowers "Volume 2", as well as Savage Dragon! ON SALE NOW!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Design of the Week--Cosmo Cat!

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another!
This week...
A perfect back-to-school design featuring a classic animation-style funny animal who's also a sci-fi super-hero!
Behold...Cosmo Cat!
Available both on high-end organic cotton clothing from American Apparel and our usual high-quality (but less pricey) line of garb and goodies!

Grab him while you can!
He'll only be in orbit for a week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guess the connection between these two Lost Heroes!

Besides the fact that both can fly!
Answer: they're both jet-propelled!
(Air-Man's wings are balloons!
They don't flap like Hawkman, Birdman, or other avian-themed characters!)

When ornithologist Claude Stevens was brutally murdered by criminals with an unbreakable alibi, his son Drake decided to avenge him by becoming a masked vigilante.
Using a jet-pack of his own design along with wing-shaped balloons for maneuverability and lift, Drake created an appropriately bird-themed secret identity as Air-Man to work outside the law for justice!
Air-Man caught the murderers, and decided to continue battling evil wherever he found it in the pages of Keen Detective Funnies and Detective Eye Comics!

On the other hand, Cal Martin and Doris Dalton were scientists who used their jet-packs as RocketMan and Rocket Girl almost on a whim, and found they enjoyed crimefighting, so they kept at it for several years!
They appeared in the back pages of the entire run of Scoop Comics, but never made the cover spot!
When Scoop was cancelled, they moved to Punch Comics where Rocket Girl finally got a solo cover, but RocketMan never did!
When their publisher went out of business, another company picked up the rights but re-named them Zip-Jets, since the abandoned "RocketMan" trademark had been taken over by Republic Pictures for their otherwise unrelated leather-jacketed flying serial hero!
Two issues of Zip-Jet, reprinting their Scoop & Punch stories came out before their new publisher also went kaput!
The duo made a final appearance in a one-shot titled Atomic Comics, but whether it was new or reprinted material is unknown, since the issue we scanned for our kool kollectibles was slabbed! ;-(

All three characters have re-appeared in minor roles in Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers, with hints of bigger things to come!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have revived both Air-Man (both Keen Detective Funnies appearances) AND literally ALL RocketMan & Rocket Girl aka the Zip-Jets cover appearances, as part of our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line, on t-shirts, messenger bags, mugs and other kool kollectibles!

So, next time someone says "Look, up in the sky...", it might not be who you think...

And don't forget to buy the NEWEST Project SuperPowers comics including...
Black Terror, Death Defying 'Devil, Masquerade, and Project SuperPowers "Volume 2", as well as Savage Dragon! ON SALE NOW!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Back to School" with "Back to the Past"!

Traditional values!
That's what we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ espouse!
And with our G-Rated Tykes, Toddlers & Tiny Tots (and Their Mommies)!™ section, we restore the classic animated cartoon/comic book style that Disney, Warner Brothers, the Fleischer Brothers, and others in the 30s, 40s, and 50s did so wonderfully, to a new line of kiddie clothes and accessories!
Funny animals (including SuperDuper Mouse, Cosmo Cat & SuperDuper Cat), clowns, cowboys, spacemen, and much more in the retro style your parents and grandparents wore when they were little!
Available on
Organic Clothing from American Apparel
Onesies / Creepers / Infant BodySuits
Infant / Toddler T-shirts
Kids' T-Shirts
Diaper Bags / SchoolBags
Shopping / Tote Bags
Nursery / Kids' BedRoom Clocks
Nursery / Kids' BedRoom Calendars
Refrigerator / BedRoom Magnets
Add something that SCREAMS "cute" to your child's back-to-school wardrobe and accessories!

And, if you do pick up one of our items, take a picture of your tyke wearing or playing with it, and we'll post it here on the blog!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Mýa

Some people are "triple-threat" talents.
Some are even "quadruple-threat" talents.
But the only word to describe Mýa Marie Harrison is "multi-threat"
Multiple-award-winning singer!
Model / spokesperson!
Album producer!
In addition, Mýa's done quite a bit for various worthy causes including gay rights, victims of domestic violence, and fighting breast cancer.
And now, she's been named as one of the competitors (and likely winner) on Dancing With the Stars!
A fantastic femme, indeed!
Genre appearances include...
Disciple (Female Lead)
(Filming hasn't started yet, and no details are available)
Cursed (Jenny Hicks)
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing [VG] (Mya Starling)
NCIS "Pop Life" (Samantha King / Jade King)
In Too Deep (Loretta)
Fat Albert (performer: "Not Gonna Drop")
Haunted "Abby" (Voodoo Priestess)
Atlantis: the Lost Empire (performer: "Where the Dream Takes You")
Volcano High (Yu Cha-i)

Check out...
MyaMya (Official Site)
Mya Arts & Tech Foundation (Her non-profit organization) (FanSite) (FanSite)
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