Monday, October 5, 2009

Whoopi!!! WTF???

My admiration for Whoopi Goldberg is boundless (as you can see from my linked blog entry).
But her recent comment on The View regarding Roman Polanski's arrest for fleeing America after his conviction on rape charges is disturbing, to say the least!

There are several questions I'd like to ask Ms. Goldberg...
"Is your opinion based on the concept that Polanski's status as an "artiste", as opposed to the average untalented Joe Schmo, frees him from the moral responsibilities imposed by society?"
"Since Polanski is not American, does that allow him to ignore our laws while in America?"
"Do you believe Polanski has already 'suffered enough'?"
"Do you believe that fleeing the jurisdiction after pleading guilty to a crime is not grounds for incarceration?"
"What if it was your daughter he molested?"

Ms. Goldberg, I think you're fantastic!
But, in this case, I think you're unbelievably WRONG!

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