Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illegal Alien Costume?

"Hey, I have a Green Card!"

There's been a great deal of politically-correct controversy about an "Illegal Alien" Halloween costume.
(I do note nobody from the ethnic group being portrayed has actually come forth to complain. And if they don't think it's offensive, why should anyone else?)

Personally, I think it's weird to bitch about this NOW, since we've been wearing "illegal alien" Halloween costumes for, literally, generations and nobody's complained about it before...

So, why are we glorifying this...
Illegal Alien?
Entered United States via unregistered aircraft! (Plus, no flight plan filed!)
Adopted by American couple under suspicious circumstances!
Operates under two aliases: (Clark Kent and Superman), not his birth name (Kal-El)!
Ethnicity: "Kryptonian"
I could go on and on...

It's a JOKE!
Humor doesn't have to be politically-correct!
(And, in fact, much of the FUNNIEST stuff ISN'T politically correct!)

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