Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What will the Marvel / Disney merger produce? (part 2)

Another piece submitted by Jack "King" Kirby to Craig Yoe's book The Art of Mickey Mouse.
This one, believe it or not, was NOT used in the book!
I'm not sure if it was a case of only one contribution per artist or lack of space, but it's as kool (if not more so) than the previous piece!
This piece by another comics legend, Wally Wood, was used in TV Guide back in 1966-67 for an article about superhero cartoons dominating the previously funny animal-oriented Saturday morning cartoon schedule due to the success of the live-action Batman tv series!
(Remember when there WAS a Saturday Morning cartoon schedule?)
Note the Marvel characters get the primary focus.
Oddly, while Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four both had Saturday morning cartoons, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Sub-Mariner, (along with the Hulk in the background) were actually part of the Monday-Friday Marvel Super-Heroes show!
Plus, Green Lantern, Flash, and Hawkman were just segments in the Superman / Aquaman Adventure Hour (Come to think of it, where is Superman? Aquaman can be seen between Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch...)
And, you'll note the ONLY funny animal / humor character not fleeing in terror is Mickey Mouse!

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