Sunday, September 20, 2009

Value T-Shirts--A Frugal & Frugalista MUST-Have!

Enjoy a great look and fit at a reasonable price. Only $14.99 each!
Most of our designs are EXCLUSIVE...NOT available at other on-line or brick & mortar stores!
The Value T is made of breathable, midweight 100% cotton and is perfect for male or female casualwear under a windbreaker, varsity letter jacket, sportsjacket, blazer, vest, or button-down sweater.
Or, order a size or two larger than normal, and use it as a nightshirt, gymwear, or dormwear!
Horror Comics of the 1950s Value T-Shirts
(Like the one shown above!)
Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics Value T-Shirts
Crime & Punishment Value T-Shirts
Heroines Value T-Shirts
War: Past, Present & Future Value T-Shirts
Western Comic Adventures Value T-Shirts
True Love Comics Tales Value T-Shirts

PS: You may note we're upgrading our look to make your browsing & shopping experience easier and faster.
Some pages, like this have already been modified.
The rest will be done by the end of the month.
PLUS: we're adding several more pages in other genres!
Watch for them!

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