Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Jasika Nicole

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I'm hooked on JJ Abrams' Fringe!
One of the best-written and acted shows of the past decade.
John Noble as Walter Bishop is an absolute delight to watch in action. Never a dull moment with that guy!
And the season finale with the alternate universe...WOW!
(JJ does have a thing for alternate realities. Think he's gonna tie in Star Trek and LOST into this potential multiverse?)
But there's a mystery even more elusive than ZFT!
Why doesn't Agent Astrid Farnsworth get MORE screen time?
Jasika Nicole is an extremely-talented actress who can easily hold her own on-screen with Noble, Joshua Jackson, or Anna Torv!
C'mon Abrams, give her some time outside the lab!
At least let her shoot somebody! :-)

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