Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Natalie Morales

Not to be confused with the network news reporter, Natalie Morales is an enigma surrounded by mystery!
After only two previous appearances we can trace, (as well as an unaired pilot she produced as well as starrred in) she won the co-starring role in the genre tv series The MiddleMan!
Since it's unfortunate (and IMHO premature) demise, she's done several projects, none of which have aired or screened yet.
Natalie's beautiful, a talented performer who does drama, comedy and action well, and can even handle production duties!
Why aren't Hollywood decision makers beating a path to her door?
It's a mystery!
UpDate: She's now a regular on the USA Network genre series White Collar!
Genre appearances include...
White Collar (Lauren Cruz)
MiddleMan (Wendy Watson)
Pimp My Ride [VG] (Aiyana)
CSI Miami "DarkRoom" (Ana Boa Vista)
Check out...
Biography on the Official MiddleMan site
Another mystery...why aren't there sites dedicated to her???

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