Sunday, August 30, 2009

Captain V aka the Puppeteer

OK, see if you can follow this one...
Alan Hale is a professional puppeteer. He's also a direct descendant of Nathan Hale.
Alan has a pet bald eagle named "Raven"
Raven can talk.
Raven can also play a pipe organ (with his claws, obviously).
Whenever Raven senses danger, he plays the opening chords of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. (FYI, the chords match the dot-dot-dot-dash pacing of the Morse Code letter "V" [for "Victory"]. It was an extremely popular musical motif in movies and dramatic radio shows of the 1940s to denote particularly patriotic events. I'm not going to explain Morse Code. Google it...)
This magically transforms Alan into the red-white-blue garbed superhero Captain V who then goes forth to battle saboteurs and spies with super-strength and the ability to emanate energy in the form of red-white-blue "V-Beams" which he travels upon!
The good Captain ran thru All-Top Comics for it's entire super-hero run, but never made the cover.
He finally made the cover for the one-shot Book of Comics, after which he moved to Bomber Comics, where he shared the covers (but not interior stories) with Wonder Boy. Curiously, he was renamed The Puppeteer, but kept the patriotic costume and abilities. (And, one of the Bomber Comics covers showed both him and Wonder Boy manipulating criminals like puppets!)
He also appeared in several other one-shots like All-Good Comics, but never made the cover again.

He is NOT, as some have speculated, V-Man, another patriotic character with a similar costume, but a different identity, powers, and origin!

While Alex Ross has given V-Man a rather prominent role in Project SuperPowers, Captain V has been given rather short shrift so far, being confined to flashbacks, and implied to be one of the heroes who make up The American Spirit, a composite of the souls of deceased super-heroes!

No matter what his name, we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have also restored Captain V to the ranks of flag-draped super-heroes by digitally-restoring and remastering his lone Golden Age cover appearance as part of our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line of kool kollectibles!
So, we're running Captain V up the flagpole to see if anyone will salute!

And, just a gentle reminder to pick up the Project SuperPowers comics, on sale now!
They're the best Golden Age revival books out there!

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